Little Sitters

Around the 6-10 month mark is a fabulous time to capture one of babies biggest milestones to date, sitting up unaided!

With their eyes full of wonder and their cheeks perfectly plump and rosey this is a beautiful age to capture your little ones. Not yet able to crawl and wriggle away from the camera we are able to get some beautiful, timeless images when their little personalities are just starting to shine.

A little sitter session can be booked for babies and children aged 3 months and up and lasts around 1 hour. During this session we have some nice music playing in the background and have an array of beautiful handmade props to choose from to bring out your child’s natural beauty and personality. Out of tune nursery rhymes are on offer as well as lots of silliness from me to help your child feel comfortable and happy in my home studio in Liverpool.