Peter Rabbit Cake Smash

Since I started offering Cake Smash Photography in Liverpool a year ago, I encouraged families coming to visit me to customise their sessions.

My Cake Smash Packages are all inclusive, where by, within reason, I provide; the cake, outfit and set design.

I’m often asked for varying colour schemes, pink and gold being a particularly popular set for baby girls and blue and green for baby boys, but this month I was asked to create a cake smash set for a little boy who’s 1st Birthday Party was to be a Peter Rabbit theme… I jumped at the chance to let my creativity flow!

Now what is Peter Rabbit without a water colour illustration? First line of business… to find the perfect illustration for the set. I decided I NEEDED to hand paint my backdrop with a Peter Rabbit illustration! Yes I often bite off more than I can chew and had no idea whether this would be a master piece or a very time consuming failure, either way I was going to celebrate or commiserate with a large bar of chocolate!!

I raided my cupboard under the stairs for my old glass paints (yes I used to paint wine glasses, who doesn’t want a glass with their own cartoon person on!?! and set to work. Having never painted on a large scale I wasn’t too confident but after sketching out my initial plans the excitement set in and I went for it…

Next on the agenda was finding English country garden vegetables (at least thats how I described them to my mum who very kindly agreed to do my shopping, she’s a good egg!!) She managed to find me (thanks to Mr Morrisons) carrots WITH STEMS! the cutest little squashes I ever did see, and lots of other beautiful looking vege that would never pass my lips even if they were smothered in big mac sauce!

I simply told my baker (the wonderful Kathie’s Kitchen) that I had a Peter Rabbit smash and needed a blue ‘rustic’ cake… luckily she can read my mind and knew exactly what I had in mind!

We finished off the 4 tier sponge and buttercream cake with fresh strawberries, the cutest tiniest little carrots and sprouts (mini cabbages) and a beautiful Peter Rabbit cake topper supplied by my lovely friend Beth at Mersey Entertainment Ltd (check out their parties!).

We were good to go!


When mum entered my home studio she found me a little disheveled, as us creative types often are, who has time for preening when you have sets to design and a toddler to dress impeccably? (putting it out there, she always looks like a princess and I don’t care if she puts me to shame!). The moment she entered my studio and saw my set design, she filled up, now whether that was because I had put sprouts on a beautifully iced cake or because she was in love with her little boy’s set, I can’t be too sure but I’m going with the latter!

After a little last minute running around from me, we started off Sonny’s cake smash with a neutral set to celebrate and capture his gorgeousness!! I always like to include this section in my cake smashes and find the parents really appreciate it, yes you are coming to celebrate their birthday, but also to celebrate this tiny beautiful person who without realising it has spent the past year transforming your life completely to one full of love, tiredness and joy!


Just look at that perfect face! I so enjoy my job! I am so blessed to meet these beautiful babies, and feel it an honour that I’m chosen to capture their perfectness in time!

So as luck would have it, little Sonny wasn’t in the mood for cake today and even decided his favourite snacks were not his friend today. We had a fun, all be it, brief, play with the cake and of course got the images Mummy and Daddy wanted. I think Mummy and Daddy shall be having cake for tea this eve!


Next we moved onto the bath splash! What baby doesn’t love the bath right?! With duckies galore this little cherub had a ball in my beautiful claw foot tub!

Sonny2 Preview.jpg

Next week… Unicorns!!!